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Small group quality –  modified trucks – no drivers meter in our trucks – we can go out when we want to.

We regard transport during photo tours –  a big part of the experience. We need to be able to cross rivers and travel the Icelandic dirt tracks. Our tours are aimed at small groups for few reasons. For the quality of the tour a small group is obvious. Not being a bus tour, we can stop and park most places when great light is presented. Bigger buses are limited to big parking lots with all the other tourists. But the main thing is; by law bigger/medium size buses all need a so called drivers meter clock. Which limits the driver / guide to go out for sunrise and sunset or northern lights in the same day. This is not acceptable to us. Therefor we keep our buses under that size/seat limit ( max 8 pers.)  and out of that law frame, since with the few chances weather in Iceland offers you great opportunities you just can’t be standing stranded outside your hotel with a bus meter saying;  no further today.

Also in order to be able to travel safely and comfortably throughout the Icelandic highlands, cross open rivers, over wet sand and snow we have modified our trucks.
For 4-8 passengers, we have lifted our 38-inch tire Ford Econoline that comes all with comfortable seats.
For 1-3 passengers, we have spacious, lifted 35-inch tire luxurious Chevrolet Suburban.