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Testimonials for Iceland photo tours

The “Around Iceland Photo Tour” from May 20-31, 2013 was my first trip abroad, and it turned out to be the trip of a life-time! I don’t know where to begin to describe how pleased, thrilled, and privileged I feel that I was able to participate in this magnificent tour around Iceland, which has to be the most beautiful, serene, pristine, and welcoming country in the world! 
The tour far exceeded my expectations, in terms of the variety of spectacular landscapes, seascapes, and wild life (birds, horses) to which one could bear witness; the quality of light and voluminous opportunities for making life-time photos; the impeccable planning, organization, and implementation of the logistics of the tour; the impressive and seemingly smooth instantaneous adjustment of segments of the tour due to road and weather conditions; and finally, the professionalism, dedication, warmth, enthusiasm, altruism, good nature, and humor of Haukur Snorrason and Hadda Bjork Gisladottir, who could not have been more welcoming, kind, accommodating to the group and me.
The accommodations along the tour and our meals were excellent! I was very pleased with the comfort, cleanliness, cuisine, and warmth and of the various hotel/guesthouse staff. Well done!
From start to the finish, it was clear that Haukur and Hadda were seasoned professionals who took delight and personal commitment to ensure that the needs of the tour, the group, and individual participants were addressed and met. Haukur was in complete command of the tour. He is a perfect blend of explorer, outdoorsman, and astronaut – the consummate leader. Haukur knew the roads, the detours, the geography, the terrain, and the road and weather conditions like the back of his hand. Even on the days where we were met with bad weather, Haukur was patient, skilled, and maybe even clairvoyant to know where and when the weather might break, and it seemed like we always had a handful of great shots when the weather did not want to cooperate, which I found impressive and remarkable.  Haukur is a knowledgeable leader in every sense of the word. He was even kind enough to provide historical and geological perspectives along the way, which I found very educational and helped put factual context to our voyage. 
But, most of all, despite the hefty responsibility for safely and competently navigating the roads and weather, ensuring that the tour was on schedule, and going out of his way to bring us to the most beautiful and stunning reaches of Iceland, Haukur was “one of the gang.” He marveled with us over the scenery, as if it was also his first time seeing the breathtaking scenery. He joked and laughed with us. And he shared hearty meals and good wine with us. And he made me laugh very hard, too. He has a great sense of humor, which made the trip that much more enjoyable for all of us.
Hadda was equally a joy and a pleasure to know. She welcomed us into their guesthouse, Hrifunes, in open arms and made us feel welcome and at home. Without question, she is the best chef in the world, and her cooking is second in quality and variety only to my beloved mother. Hadda went out of her way to accommodate us and partake in the joy and celebratory nature of the tour. And at the finale of the tour, I felt a warm sense of friendship, maybe even family, with Haukur and Hadda.
All in all, joining this tour was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! It has been less than a week since the tour was complete, and as I write this testimonial, I am already looking forward to booking my next tour with Iceland Photo Tours, maybe even again this summer! Yes, the Around Iceland Photo Tour was that good! 
Takk fyrir, Haukur and Hadda, for making my dream come true! The world needs more great people like you! 

Rick, San Diego, USA

Haukur. Thank  you for your wonderful sense of humor + your expert knowledge of this area. You have been a wonderful guide taking us to some beautiful and memorable places. This has been a wonderful + memorable trip. 

no-image Carol Anderson, USA

Thank you very much for your hospitality. Enjoyed very much of your warm home atmosphere and great cooking. Phtototour was great! All this causes to dream to come again

no-image Mark Friedman, Israel

“ and its photographer, Haukur Snorrason, was highly recommended by my photographer friend so I signed up fro the 6 day autumn photo tour. (2012). Haukur Snorrason, lead photo guide, is a successful photographer well known in Iceland. In the autumn tour I participated in, Haukur gave us good value for our money by directing us to great areas to photograph in scenic Iceland. Hauk accommodated each member of the group while on tour. The Hrifunes guesthouse, operated by his wife, Hadda, served up high quality meals including homemade jams, bread and desserts. Highly recommended.”

no-image Al Perry, USA

“I said I would come again after the wonderful winter tour and I am so glad I did. Your hospitality was outstanding, only bettered by Hadda’s home cooking. The places we visited can only be described by what overused word  “awesome”. Staying in the mountain huts was a great group experience, but we missed Hadda’s cooking. Without doubt it will be a case of “I will returned” Thank you both”

no-image Robert van Baarsel, Holland

“Thank You”

Hello Siggi and Hadda!…. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience we had on the photo tour! It was better than I had even imagined it would be. Siggi we really enjoyed your company, guidance, knowledge, and friendship and we really hope we can do another tour with you again! Hadda we really enjoyed your company, hospitality, and great cooking as well! We definitely would like to return to the Hrifunes guesthouse again for sure!

I officially took 3,162 photos in Iceland. Now I have to start going through and processing them all which will be fun!

no-image Chris California, USA